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Global Interior Design



Our collections get used around the world and have graced every corner of the globe. The above video and the images below are designs from renowned interior designers from around the globe. We hope that the range of these designs showcase the flexibility that our collections allow. They stretch from the contemporary to the classic and can be moulded to suit different cultures, propensities and visions.

Contemporary London Apartment




This apartment has a contemporary heart but has flourishes of traditional pieces throughout. The living room is a perfect example. The BOWIE sofa takes centre stage with its contemporary details and retro shape. however, this is beautifully offset by the deep walnut GOYA media cabinet. 

The colour scheme rums throughout with royal blues and peacock greens creating dramatic accents against the neutral base colours. The artwork helps tie these colours together.

The bedroom is a perfect example of both the colour scheme and the contemporary and traditional designs all working together. The leather headboard creates a beautiful contemporary base colour whilst heavily carved traditional armchairs juxtapose this modern design but are finished in a contemporary plush velvet to tie everything together.

This apartment is a perfect example of how our both our traditional and modern collections can be used together to create a beautiful, flowing space. 

Dubai Apartment Design




This project was created by Hatem Attiya. It is the Penthouse of the unique development Anantara, on the famous Palm Island in Dubai - UAE.

The general theme is contemporary, with a hints of traditional Egyptian styles. These traditional touches have been translated by the use of traditional lighting fixtures. Rich layers have been created through the wall coverings and fabrics, but the open spaces and the simplicity of the design allows the beautiful views of the sea and the skyline to take centre stage. 

 Contemporary Apartment In The Heart of Barcelona



Inedit, the design studio managed by Toni Lanza, has created the interior design of this stunning high end apartment located in the exclusive Pedralbes neighbourhood in Barcelona. 

The coldest materials like marble and the light colour tones on the walls are complemented by the furniture pieces and decoration. The goal was to incorporate warm touches to make each room more inviting, without losing that sombre and elegant ambience which dominates the whole project. This apartment is a classic example of how a successful layout can infuse life and light into each room.





The client was keen on creating a divergent space far from the traditional style in terms of aesthetics and also living conditions. A more avant-garde style was asked for while also maintaining a level of comfort and convenience. 


Following these guidelines, the dwelling was designed as two separate areas although interconnected but with no visual barriers, totally open plan, to create a multifunctional space. The iron spiral staircase, connecting the two levels is highlighted as a decorative sculptural element.

Each detail of the project has been the object of careful study. Lighting has played an important part becoming a key element to achieve the desired atmosphere and ambience of a loft (skylights and playing with different levels); as well as the choice of rudimentary materials, like exposed brick in the living room and master bedroom; iron for the pillars and the staircase handrail; steel for the kitchen and the exposed ventilation ducts. These industrial elements have been combined with other softer materials such as wood for the flooring and a careful selection of exclusive furniture pieces by Coleccion Alexandra as well as elegant fabrics and wall coverings.




This renovation and interior design project of an apartment in the Salamanca neighbourhood in Madrid was totally conceived and developed by GM PROYECTO LIVING, under the management of David Jimenez Garcia and Sergio Sanchez Pardo. “We aimed for a cosy ambience, with colour harmony and chose pieces by Coleccion Alexandra to add a definite touch of personality and elegance. The original apartment offered spaciousness, spectacular views and light”.

The use of light tones on the walls and floors in the living/dining room amplifies the space and intensifies the light. The lighting by DelightFull helps to create an eclectic mood. The use of wood in the master bedroom for the floor and the wall behind the bed, adds an undeniable warmth offset by the steel details in the wood itself.




An impeccable architecture perfectly fused with a careful selection of Coleccion Alexandra furniture pieces. This sums us the majestic design project of a townhouse located in Brazzaville, the capital of the Congo Republic, handled by Siam Group and managed by Seydou Beye.

The choice of materials and soft colours in each zone accentuates the spaciousness and light of the whole dwelling. The amazing white marble floors caress each room. The spectacularly high ceilings highlight the vastness of the living/reception room thanks to their double height. The balance in tones is apparent and affords the space a clean visual ambience.



Nowadays, lifestyles and relationships have increased in complexity compared to the past. That is why we understand home as a new space, it becomes now the delicate habitat where both the personality and social life of its owner takes place.

In our contemporary age, a time of interaction and constant rhythm, we choose the open space because it expands the heart of the house and allows flexibility of use to its inhabitants. Home is no longer the closed and sacred space it used to be. For a social man, his home reflects his inner self. The possibilities of the continuous space are multiple. It offers flexibility, synonymous with change and transformation.

A flexible and dynamic space is desirable for a prosperous social life. But man is also spiritual and meditative. A well rested spirit is the main fuel for a successful life. That is why we complement this open space with a selection of iconic furniture pieces, all in high quality materials and finishes. The correct pieces, thoughtful material selection and delicate arrangement are essential to bring stability and order to the space. It creates the personal touch that defines the owner, and makes this habitat unmistakably his own.

The Heart Of Vietnam


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. It is the center of culture, politics, economy and trade of the whole country. Unlike the younger Saigon city (another famous city of Vietnam), Hanoi is a city with a very old established history. It is like a living body which is beautiful but whose form is shaped by the variability of the times. Now, the city is encompassed with the flowing and changing rhythms of contemporary life. 

One of the most striking things about Vietnam’s capital – Hanoi – is its architecture. The developing economy, as well as the process of international integration, along with the introduction of many different architectures have flowed into Hanoi to form a new architectural trend. Along with it, interior design is paid much attention to in Hanoi these days. People tend to invest more in their home to make it a really comfortable place where they feel inspired after working long hours outside.