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Luxury Traditional and Contemporary Sofas


The sofa is the cornerstone of a luxury living room and we have designed and crafted a wonderfully diverse range, to suit all tastes. Whether you are looking to create an imposing regal living room, gilded with gold and precious woods, or you are looking for a sleek minimalistic sofa with strong lines for your contemporary abode, then we will almost certainly have something for you. 

Please do peruse our ranges below or view all our sofas here:






BOWIE Sofa Stripped



 The Bowie Sofa is one of our newest creations, designed as a tribute to the late great man himself.


The Bowie sofa is a wonderful mix of contemporary design with a strong 70's shape. This sofa is a real statement piece and can be used elegantly to blend different designs together. 


Choose between a quilted upholstery or a stripped upholstery and choose whether or not you would prefer the exterior detail to stand out or flow with the rest of the piece. We love to wrap the exterior detail in an opposing coloured leather, but the options are endless and you can really make this piece your own.



BOWIE Sofa Tufted






MIAMI Sofa Plain



The Miami Sofa is another real statement piece. Whilst the design of the sofa itself is relatively simple, we let the skills of of our upholsters steal the show with this piece. The exterior of the sofa can use a tufted design, which brings instant glamour to the piece. Moreover, the contrasting arms make a perfect detail for pulling different colours into a room. 


MIAMI Sofa Tufted








The Master sofa is truly boisterous piece. Its size, low centre of gravity and thickness makes it a perfect sofa to use on yachts. The arms are upholstered in the finest quality leather (Only the top layer of the hide is used) and embossed with Mulliner stitching. The range of colours for the leather is almost as endless as the fabric choices for the sofa itself.












The Alba Sofa is one of our all time favourites. Its delicate upholstery and details on the arms betrays the presence this piece has in a room. It is perfect for creating L-shapes with and creates a wall of unbelievable comfort. 


The base has strong lines, in keeping with the strength of the sofa. The base comes in a plethora of finishes allowing this sofa to flow between a simple contemporary sofa to an elegant traditional sofa. 






The Boston sofa looks like a very simple sofa on the face of it. However, below its surface it hides a very interesting party trick that adds not only to it's unrivalled comfort, but also to its mystique. With the flick of a switch, this sofa electronically extends out into a giant chaise or daybed.


We have used a loose fitting fabric in the above images to highlight the comfort of the piece. However, you could also happily use a standard fabric and achieve the same standard of comfort. The Boston's comfort stems from the internal padding of the sofa. We use three inches of super soft filling that is intertwined with a thicker section of firm sponge to ensure that sagging does not occur.






The Boston Pure is in the same range as the standard Boston sofas above. However, the Boston Pure sports thinner leather arms with simple elegant stitch work running vertically. As with the standard Boston Sofa, this sofa  can extend out into a chaise or daybed with the simple flick of a switch. The same foam structure is used for this sofa as the standard Boston, ensuring optimum comfort.





The Ringo sofa is the king of curved sofas. Here it sports its contemporary attire, but this piece has been used in palatial residences and can easily be turned into a truly traditional piece. 

The Ringo Sofa's elegant curve creates a flow that is as consistent as its gentle layers as the arms rise to the back rest.